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Posted by scorpiomkm on October 9, 2009

I’m headed out the door to watch my Beloved “Blue Angels” streak across a deep blue sky over the San Francisco Bay …. fly above the heads of envious kats (like me) who wish they were in the cockpits of thunderous War Eagles like F-18 Fighter Jets that THE BLUES navigate in tight ~ SUPER TIGHT ~ formations …. and while doing so scare the hell out of cats, dogs, and Old Folk.   : )

But since I can’t, the next best thing for kats like me is to be jealous of Celebrity Kats that get the priviledge of riding with one of the ‘Blue Angels’.

The Navy has the “Blue Angels” as their decorated Flight Demonstration Team, while the Air Force has its “Thunder Birds”. And while I’m partial to the “Blue Angels” as ‘My Favorites’ (after all, I hold that Navy Pilots are the BEST OF THE BEST since Navy Pilots have to Land and ‘jump off’ Aircraft Carriers, often at NIGHT), I nevertheless have a deep RESPECT for Air Force ‘Flyboys’.

Take a look at this video of 2 Celebs that had the Honor of flying with a “Blue Angel” as well as a “Thunderbird” pilot while promoting an upcoming Film (at the time) entitled ‘Flyboys’.

Man! Are those two Stars very fortunate kats!   : )

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