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Posted by scorpiomkm on October 10, 2009

Today the Fleet sails under the Golden Gate Bridge … as well the airshow featuring my “Blue Angels”.

Yesterday I watch ‘My Blues’ perform their practise show, and I must admit: Yesterday the ‘Blues’ were out of  step, out of sync, flew with one plane OBVIOUSLY having mechanical problems. In short, yesterday the ‘Blue Angels’ flew well below their Standards (and I’ve seen a LOT of their Performances). Hell, the guys have been at this since winter training in El Centro, California! But it just goes to prove that even the ‘BEST of the BEST’ have their ‘bad days’, huh!   : )

Hopefully TODAY the ‘Blue Angels’ will fly the way they know they can.

Anyhow.   : )

Here’s a video I did previously this year. In it I discuss …. hell, I can’t remember <g> ….what happened to be on my mind at that time.   : )

For my New Visitors, the video will give you a ‘look’ at me ~ Scorpio ~, as well you’ll hear what a sexy voice I have.   : )


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