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Say It Ain’t So, Blue Angels!!

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 10, 2009

Can you Folks recall the numbing feeling you had whenever a Hero or some strongly held Belief you cherished proved to be otherwise? As a ‘for instance’: the day it dawned on you that Santa Clause was REALLY your parents. Or …. the day you realized the ‘Tooth Fairy’ REALLY was ol’ Mom. Or …. the day you first learned and experienced that one of your sweethearts REALLY liked somebody else. Or …. the day it sunk in that the Indians were not always the ‘Bad Guys’.   : )

Soul Stunning epiphany, baby!   : )

And as you get older, these earth shattering realizations don’t stop but just keep on coming as well! Many athletes and celebrity types, say, often have feet of clay, don’t they. Most politicians that we once held in High Esteem eventually prove unworthy of both our Trust & Money. Even our own government proves untrustworthy far too often, and in the end all of these forms of disillusionments (and far more not mentioned) leaves one simply stunned and deeply shaken.

Why do I say all this? Well, because TODAY ‘My Blue Angels’ thoroughly DISAPPOINTED me when they cancelled their Air Show immediately following their half-ass Flyover to open their Show. They just STOPPED Flying, baby!

The frickin’ Blue Angels!!

MY “Blue Angels”!   : )

They said the weather was a factor: but Bullshix!   : )

I damn near got a tan today <g>, there was so much blue sky and sunshine at the beginning of their Show!!

Look. I’m a VERY perceptive Kat. Go back and read my Entry entitled “Flashback” (the second ‘Flashback’ Entry yesterday), whereby in it I commented on how the Blue Angels were what: “out of sync”. How the Blue Angels were not performing up to their Standards.

Didn’t I!!   : )

In fact to be truthful, I had not really planned to attend today’s Fleet Week Air Show because 1) there was a big Ohio State football game on TV that I wanted to see <g>; 2) this being Fleet Week, I really wasn’t in the mood to fight the crowds of tourists, sailor MoMs and Dads ~ and Sweethearts that flock to the ships to see ‘their Loved Ones; and 3) today neither was I really in the mood to wade through the crowds of Hookers that normally accompany naval ships when they pull into port!  : )

But hey! Yesterday the Performance of the “Blue Angels” was so BAD and damn near reckless … that TODAY I just HAD TO take my black ass back over to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco to wipe away that sour taste that still lingered in my mouth, okay.

So there I sat today on the lush grass of Aquatic Park (the Air Show’s Center Point). The air is somewhat chilly (like yesterday), but hell “This is the Blue Angels I’m about to watch!” Yep. Me and about 5,000 of us <g>, all sharing a small plot of grass … most eating some food (I ate fries and prawns <g>) …. most watching kids running wild and/or  dogs licking legs and sniffing your food <g> … as well as getting our jollys watching a small boat turn-over when its drunk passengers decided to all crowd to one side!  : )

Now look here. I’ve been to enough Air Shows to no longer get a thrill whenever little ‘prop planes’ do their little suicidal stunts in the air, okay! I’ve passed that point long ago <g>. And neither do I ‘get off’ in watching other jets do their loops, barrel rolls, high speed passes and vertical climbs either: I’m simply THERE to watch my Beloved “Blue Angels”, okay!

So TODAY for Three full HOURS I sat patiently awaiting MY “Blue Angels” to erase from my memory that horrid Performance I witnessed on Friday. And that was it!

So alas after 3 hours of WAITING … suddenly “Fat Albert” flies overhead. “Fat Albert” is the Blue Angels cargo plane which begins each Performance, and as always the crowd was electrified at seeing “Fat Albert” fly overhead because we all knew ~ and by ‘ALL’  I mean damn near the MILLIONS who had lined the wharf area, parks, rooftops, private yachts and boats ~ we all KNEW that with “Fat Albert” flying overhead, that our “Baby Blues” were soon to follow.

Now here is where that sour taste in my mouth of yesterday, suddenly turns to a shocking revulsion.

The “Blue Angels” glide over a nearby Island on the Bay and make their beautiful ‘peel-off’ whereby the Diamond Formation (jets #1 #2#3#4) peel right in a slow climb, while the two Solo jets (#5 and #6) streak straight toward the crowd. I’m counting, baby: “Jets #1,2,3,4,5,6 are all present and accounted for” because yesterday during their ‘Practice Show’ they mostly flew with only 5 planes! (one Solo Plane rather than the customary two)

So here we go. The ‘Diamond Formation’ makes a Slow Pass in front of us, while shortly thereafter ONLY ONE Solo Plane crosses Center Line and NOT the usual two!

“Oh, Oh ..”   : )

“Hell, not AGAIN! I gave up watching Ohio State!!”   : )

Now I’m getting bad vibes because I notice that a longer than usual time interval passes without spotting either the Diamond Formation (jets #1#2#3#4) or Solo Jets (#5#6). Oh, I forgot to mention that during all this I’m listening to the radio (my little Walkman) because the Blue Angel  ‘Show Narrator’ is telling folks via the radio what the ‘Blue Angels” are doing in the sky during their various maneuvers , okay. So anyway I finally see the “Blue Angels” again, in a tight Diamond Formation, do what seems to me to be performing their “EXIT” routine!


So as I’m watching this I’m thinking to myself, “Oh, no. Not like yesterday. Not on Fleet Week for cripes sake!”

: )

And to give the “Blue Angels” their due, it wasn’t like yesterday; because shortly as the “Blue Angels” do their EXIT ~ Stage Left manuever <g> ~ the Navy Narrator Announces over the radio:

“The Blue Angels have cancelled their Show due to poor weather.”


That was the Official version, okay. But take it from me ~ Scorpio <g> ~ the kat that fly’s jet #1, the Commanding Officer of the ‘Blue Angels’ … will NOT be back next year, because either he was incompetent or else a member of his Flight Team was so. In either case, this Team of “Blue Angels” were no doubt the WORST Team I had ever seen since following them for going on  damn near 20 YEARS now.

And trust me: it HURTS to have witnessed what I’ve seen these past several days. It truly does.

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