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A Season of Change

Posted by scorpiomkm on October 11, 2009

The ‘change of season’ is when the earth undergoes a transformation, doesn’t it. Even here in Northern California the air has ‘that feel’ about it ~ that chill. Too, even the trees (save the Evergreens) take on that ‘color change’ from rich green to orange … to eventually losing all its foliage. God, I love it. I do love it so!

Don’t you just ‘feel’ this CHANGE of Season? Notice how your body is undergoing CHANGE; be it to cope now with the cooler temps (blood thickens, the need to pack on more calories) or the lessening of daylight hours (a certain ‘nesting’ attitude takes place, as well a perceived ‘need’  to cuddle more with a Loved One).

We’re in a period of ‘Great NATURAL Change’!

Most of my Life ~ and during all of my so-called Mature Life <g> ~ I’ve always just looked to Nature to reinforce my Belief in a God. In fact, I look mostly to Nature as a Guide to the Principles I live by during most forms of Human Behavior. As an example, I’ve long ago Understood that as a Male I’m a ‘Hunter’ ~ just as the vast majority of the Males in every species. Therefore, I don’t struggle to suppress but UNDERSTAND certain ‘urges’ that arise in me be it for women (sex), status, jobs, games etc. . It’s in my Male DNA!!

Think about it. Why is there so much pedophilia within the Ranks of Priests: Suppression!

Why are so many Kats that pontificate ‘Family Values’ or Homophobic phobias THE biggest freaks and perverts around: Suppression! And it is this denial and feelings of GUILT toward ‘Basic Human Sexuality’ that lies at the core of many of these phobias and psychosis.

Look at nature, where the Females are Basically ‘Nesters’, Birthers and such to Today’s so-called devoted ‘Career Woman’: the Super Woman. Note how the devoted Career Woman is plagued with Fibroid Issues in the womb much more so than her previous generations of Sisters. Or look at the “Devoted to my job” woman who OUTWARDLY appears to be stable, highly successful and happy … while behind closed doors pops a vast amount of pills, hard drugs, alcohol ~  and has the sex life of an out of control mink!

These are NOT Judgments, Folks. Just simple Observations.

See. This is why I often look to Nature for Guidance in MOST activities. Why: because Nature simply mirrors the dictates of God.


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