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Let’s Call a ‘Spade’ … a Spade

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 4, 2009

As a Black Man for all of my LIFE , I’ve seen ~ and experienced ~ Racism in its many disguises, giles, rationalizations, Laws, hiring, housing arrangements, etc. . Oh, I’ve LEARNED a LOT about how Whites have carried this disease named “Racism” around with them for ions, and how they (Whites) think (?) of a myriad of ploys to ‘cover-up’ their illness:

but to those who have been the recipients of this generational ‘White Malady’ and sickness … all this masking of ‘White Racism’ is sad to both see and endure.

Folks. We’re in the Twenty-first Century!!

Now then. This blog Entry is not directed toward Racists (AKA Conservatives, Republicans, Skin Heads and their ilk) because these People were born IGNORANT AND THEY’LL GO TO THEIR STINKING GRAVES THE SAME WAY. Instead, this Entry is merely an Observation from a Black man that still views LIFE positively and with Hope! Hope for this Country and Human Beings en total ~ “YES”, even the sick MFers within our midst.

Last night as I watched CNN report on the Elections in Virginia, New York and New Jersey … one would think that President Obama’s Name was on the Ballot! Forgetting now that HISTORICALLY immediately following a Party’s sweep into Power that the  Party Opposite ( ‘out of Power’) often WINS  in these ‘off year Elections’; yet there was CNN last night sounding alarmed and ‘freaked out’ ~ “What has happened to Obama’s influence, and what do these Republican Victories means to the ‘Obama Agenda’?” Or “Let’s explore the Promises made by then Senator Obama to the REALITY of now President Obama!” or best yet:

“Are tonight’s Republican victories a harbinger to the crucial 2010 Congressional Elections?”

Now here is where I find the analysis (??) of last night’s elections so ….. Racists and nothing but cheap perfume designed to LEGITIMIZE the stench coming from these  Racists pigs called Conservatives:

“Exit polls show that Voters in Virginia and New Jersey were deeply concerned about JOBS and the growth of Government.”




Decoded: “We, White Racists, have HATED that Nigga Obama since  the Primaries and General Election.And we’ll be damned if we want to see a BLACK MAN succeed as President of the United States. After all, if Obama succeeds …. who will be the next Black to run for the Presidency: Michelle!”

Obama’s skin color is what fuels all this HATRED from the Neanderthal Right! Why else would all these LOONYS embarrass themselves with goofy ‘Tea Parties’! Why else would all these ‘Knuckle Draggers’ forget that Obama inherited an Economy and Wars from that idiot George W. Bush if not for good ol’ Racism blinding the hell out of’em!

Why, oh why, would mostly White IGNORANT farmers and/or White High School Grads and/or deeply White Superiority idiots … pretend tha they FAVOR the greedy Health Insurance Industry over their own ‘Best Interests’ to afford reasonable Health Care if not for being blind bytheir own sickness of  Racism!

Hell. I haven’t listened to Heil Fatbaugh, Heil Hannity, or any other of these  Swastika wearing ,so-called Conservative Thinkers (??)  since late February of this year  and why: Because these so-called Human Beings bring out the WORST of Human Nature. And when they peddle their Filth and Hatred to a population that already is prone to mass IGNORANCE & PREJUDICE to begin with, well, there comes a point where STUPIDITY is legitimized and made sane.

But like I stated previously, “I’m a firm Believer in the POSITIVE.” Eventually all these ‘a-holes’ that STILL believe that ‘White is Right, and if you’re Black stand back” will die out and pass from the scene. I KNOW this! But in the meantime, the United States of America will continue to be crippled and retarded in Her attempts to deal honestly with the Twenty-first Century. Which to me is the greater tragedy.

‘God Bless’ President Obama. May he continue to govern with the Courage, Grace, and Conviction THIS TIME demands from a Chief Executive. In fact, as Obama said last night when asked would he be following the Elections in Virginia and New Jersey, Obama replied:


“No. I’m going to watch the NBA tonight.”



: )


Let’s stop pussy-footing around with these damn near TRAITORS to the Republic ~ you know, the so-called Conservatives, Right-wingers and Republicans ~ and call’em what they truly are:





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