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Mental Illness

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 9, 2009

Three aspects of my LIFE have always intrigued and mystified me: Religion, the Ageing Process, and so-called Mental Illness. Throughout my many years of Posting and Blogging I’ve commented on all three, and as of TODAY these areas remain of great interest to me. Let me delve into Mental Illness in this Entry.

We’ve all read about the shocking attack at Fort Hood the other day. Obviously the horrible and indiscriminate murders were perpetrated by a very Mentally Ill person. What I find, however,  so INSANE is the reckless and irresponsible ‘Call’ to blame ‘ALL’  Muslims and/or Arab Americans for this wanton ‘Act’ by an obviously  sick and disturbed individual! I’m no Muslim, but I have read the Quran; yet daily I hear these so-called ‘Good Americans’ pontificate how the Quran speaks of ‘Death to the Infidels’ or how the Quran directs Muslims to convert by the point of a sword all non-Muslims to the religion: none of which BTW you’ll ever find in the Holy Quran itself. Yet daily this verbiage is spilled out over the airwaves as if it were true! Who then is truly “mentally ill”:

the lone gunman who just happened to be Muslim or,say, a Glenn Beck?

We have Clinical Definitions for ‘Mental Illness’, but as to Society and as far as I’m concerned… an Act of ‘Mental Illness’ by an Individual when it is harmful to  said individual or others, is no worse or harmful than when so-called sane and ‘Good Americans’ call for the abolishment of Muslims (or any Group) from the Military, or that Muslims (or any Group) be forced to LEAVE the country, or that American Muslims be relegated to Second Class Citizens status.

As I was driving to my ‘Favorite Latte Shop’ this morning, I stopped at a red light and just closely WATCHED people go about their business. I was struck by the myriad of clothes, hair styles, and expressions on the faces that I saw and came to the Conclusion:


“We’re ALL a tad ‘Mentally Ill’ from a ‘Outside Perspective’ …. yet totally comfortable from within our own world!”

Ask an Individual is he/she ‘Mentally Ill’ and they’ll generally say “Absolutely NOT!” Why: because within the depths of our own Mind we’re quite sane and rational. It’s OTHERS who are a few french fries short of a ‘Happy Meal’, huh!  : )

If you have money your Mental Illness is often referred to as an ‘Eccentric’ or Artsy mode of living. Middle Class your condition may be referred to as ‘Stressed’ or ‘Phobia’ of some sort. Poor, well you’re referred to as just plain ‘NUTS’. But regardless of how ‘OTHERS’ may view your Condition …. TO YOURSELF you’re ‘Mentally Healthy’ or even ABOVE the mental state of ‘others’.

Mental Illness.

Even highly instinctive animals have trouble distinguishing the Mentally Healthy from the Ill.

As I sat at the red light this morning I noticed a dog barking viciously at this elderly little Black Woman at a bus stop. To my surprise ~ as well the dog and its owner <g> ~ this little Black woman began barking back at the startled dog! In fact, not only did she bark at the dog, but she charged at it several times to the surprise of the dog’s owner and myself!


: )

Now then: was the little Black woman “Mentally Ill”?


Not in her Mind.   : )



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