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Right-wing, Conservative ‘BS’!!

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 10, 2009


Editorial cartoonist and writer Ted Rall received first prize in the 1995 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards for Cartoons. In 1996, he was one of three finalists for the Pulitzer Prize.

By Ted Rall Ted Rall Thu Oct 29, 3:50 pm ET

With Democrats Like Him, Who Needs Dictators?

MIAMI–We expected broken promises. But the gap between the soaring expectations that accompanied Barack Obama’s inauguration and his wretched performance is the broadest such chasm in recent historical memory. This guy makes Bill Clinton look like a paragon of integrity and follow-through.

From healthcare to torture to the economy to war, Obama has reneged on pledges real and implied. So timid and so owned is he that he trembles in fear of offending, of all things, the government of Turkey. Obama has officially reneged on his campaign promise to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. When a president doesn’t have the ‘nads to annoy the Turks, why does he bother to show up for work in the morning?

Obama is useless. Worse than that, he’s dangerous. Which is why, if he has any patriotism left after the thousands of meetings he has sat through with corporate contributors, blood-sucking lobbyists and corrupt politicians, he ought to step down now–before he drags us further into the abyss.

I refer here to Obama’s plan for “preventive detentions.” If a cop or other government official thinks you might want to commit a crime someday, you could be held in “prolonged detention.” Reports in U.S. state-controlled media imply that Obama’s shocking new policy would only apply to Islamic terrorists (or, in this case, wannabe Islamic terrorists, and also kinda-sorta-maybe-thinking-about-terrorism dudes). As if that made it OK.

In practice, Obama wants to let government goons snatch you, me and anyone else they deem annoying off the street.

Preventive detention is the classic defining characteristic of a military dictatorship. Because dictatorial regimes rely on fear rather than consensus, their priority is self-preservation rather than improving their people’s lives. They worry obsessively over the one thing they can’t control, what Orwell called “thoughtcrime”–contempt for rulers that might someday translate to direct action.

Locking up people who haven’t done anything wrong is worse than un-American and a violent attack on the most basic principles of Western jurisprudence. It is contrary to the most essential notion of human decency. That anyone has ever been subjected to “preventive detention” is an outrage. That the President of the United States, a man who won an election because he promised to elevate our moral and political discourse, would even entertain such a revolting idea offends the idea of civilization itself.

Obama is cute. He is charming. But there is something rotten inside him. Unlike the Republicans who backed Bush, I won’t follow a terrible leader just because I voted for him. Obama has revealed himself. He is a monster, and he should remove himself from power.

“Prolonged detention,” reported The New York Times, would be inflicted upon “terrorism suspects who cannot be tried.”

“Cannot be tried.” Interesting choice of words.

Any “terrorism suspect” (can you be a suspect if you haven’t been charged with a crime?) can be tried. Anyone can be tried for anything. At this writing, a Somali child is sitting in a prison in New York, charged with piracy in the Indian Ocean, where the U.S. has no jurisdiction. Anyone can be tried.
What they mean, of course, is that the hundreds of men and boys languishing at Guantánamo and the thousands of “detainees” the Obama Administration anticipates kidnapping in the future cannot be convicted. As in the old Soviet Union, putting enemies of the state on trial isn’t enough. The game has to be fixed. Conviction has to be a foregone conclusion.

Why is it, exactly, that some prisoners “cannot be tried”?

The Old Grey Lady explains why Obama wants this “entirely new chapter in American law” in a boring little sentence buried a couple past the jump and a couple of hundred words down page A16: “Yet another question is what to do with the most problematic group of Guantánamo detainees: those who pose a national security threat but cannot be prosecuted, either for lack of evidence or because evidence is tainted.”

In democracies with functioning legal systems, it is assumed that people against whom there is a “lack of evidence” are innocent. They walk free. In countries where the rule of law prevails, in places blessedly free of fearful leaders whose only concern is staying in power, “tainted evidence” is no evidence at all. If you can’t prove that a defendant committed a crime–an actual crime, not a thoughtcrime–in a fair trial, you release him and apologize to the judge and jury for wasting their time.

It is amazing and incredible, after eight years of Bush’s lawless behavior, to have to still have to explain these things. For that reason alone, Obama should resign.


For those of you ‘out there’ that READ ‘My Stuff’ and say to yourself, “Oh, there goes Scorpio again. Bashing those that criticize Obama as being Racists, Stupid, Ignorant, or just plain ‘Skin Heads’!” …. please allow me to AGAIN emphasize (by example) as to why I KNOW that generally my claims are right on the mark.

If you haven’t already, go back and READ the above Article (Opinion Piece) authored by a  Mr. Rall ~ so-called ‘Good American, so-called Opinion Maker, so-called Editorial Cartoonist, so-called White Man <g> .

READ his ‘reasoned’ and sober assessment (???) of President Barack Obama. Go ahead, I’ll wait!   : )

Finished? Good.

It’s stuff like the above Article that TO ME separates the ‘Concerned Citizen’ from the sloth known as Conservatives or Racists or so-called ‘Good Americans’ that HIDE behind the covering of labels such as Patriot, Flag Lover, and Freedom Fighter (you know: the Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity clones). And why do I say that: because can somebody show me where President Obama either Advanced, Supported, or Pimped such a thing as “Preventive Detentions”, hum! Yet this abomination to our Basic Civil Liberties and Rights ~ according to this Rall kat ~ is given the ‘Light of Day’ and some form of legit expression by “Yahoo News” no less! Hell, this filth is better fitted to be seen by Folk that BELIEVE and wallow in such filth … such as the people who flock to the John Birch Society or the local KKK haunt!

I could run these WACKO and LIES foisted upon Obama every day if I wished, but I don’t because I don’t enjoy INSULTING my READERS intelligence, okay!

I could print LIES, half-truths, and smears authored from the RIGHT each and every day, but I don’t because I KNOW the catalyst that spawns such filth to be simply Racism!! Simple as that! Like ‘Death Panels” that the NUT, Sarah Palin, peddled around the country; or out right LIES on how Health Care Legislation is contrary to ‘Freedom of Choice’ and Capitalism (Heaven help us); or how Obama is forming some type of “Obama Youth Organizations” to spy on parents similar to the ‘Hitler Youth’ of Hitler’s Germany; or how Obama is ‘soft’ on Terrorism and in fact ENCOURAGES al Qaeda to wipe out Israel, Europe and the United States.

See. My #1 complaint about the Media and Democrats as a whole has long been their coddling of these LOONY and RACISTS ‘Right Wing’ factions to rise to the levels of legitimacy. Why, oh why, has the Media (in general) and Democrats (in particular) worried or even concerned themselves with these non-thinking, racist, narrow-minded, and HATEFUL so-called Americans … when they (drone-clone Radical  Republicans) LOST the damn Presidency, LOST BOTH frickin’ Houses of Congress, and damn near LOST their frickin’ Minds (many have already done so). Because as we’ve all seen now, by legitimizing the Rush Fatballs, Heil Hannitys, and Glenn ‘Disturbed’ Becks of the world …. America continues to be haunted and stuck by the ‘Bad Old Days’ of Intolerance, Greed, and fatal factional Racism!

Hell: the Election of 2008 was supposed to ‘Turn The Page’ on all this filth, wasn’t it?

Looky here: I’m not saying that ALL Democrats are ‘Good’! In fact, there are far too many so-called “Blue Dogs” I’d LOVE to send back to their former Southern Plantations & ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ Clubs, baby. I’d LOVE to kick Joe Liberman all the way back to his Oppressive Israel. Yep, Democrats have their flaws. But who in their right mind would choose a Republican over a Democrat after 8 YEARS of George Bush and Republican incompetence ~ especially when it comes to the Economy (I’ve closely followed Wall Street since January 20, 2009); or when it comes to America’s prestige and Influence around the World vastly improved under Obama; and not after FINALLY the ‘Common Man’s” simple desire for affordable Health Care and Human decency are at least seriously considered!

I have felt a HUGE BURDEN lifted from me since Obama became President of these United States ~ and not because a Black Man is sitting in the Oval Office either. I feel rejuvenated under Obama because he’s Eloquent, Brilliant, a Leader, and his Name isn’t George W. Bush, McCain or Sarah Palin.

Hell! One would think that right there should cost for something …. even if you’re a stark raving MAD Racist!!


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