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21st Century ‘Death Eaters’

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 13, 2009

Godric Gryffindor. Helga Hufflepuff. Rowena Ravenclaw. Salazar Slytherin. Four of the greatest witches and wizards of the Age. All founders of Hogwarts.

Remember them!   : )

As I was driving home this evening, I turned to our local Right wing radio station that I have more or less refused to listen to. In fact, I quit listening to Right wing radio for damn near 6 or 7 months out of … let me see:

I quit listening to RING WING RADIO for the same reason I find it NOT entertaining, educational nor enlightening to routinely visit psychiatric wards of a hospital.  : )

And as I listened tonight to these kats, it was as if these Clowns were stuck back in the Fall of ’08; that their passionate HATRED for Barack Obama is as virile as it ever was; and that they are just as ‘out of step’ with the Twenty-first Century as they ever were. And so having listened for maybe 10 minutes ~ that’s all ~ I thought back on Harry Potter’s World and just how closely these RIGHT WING “Death Eaters” are to those that belonged to the House of Slytherin and the Dark Lord.

You can recall ~ well, those familiar with the ‘World of Harry Potter” ~ how those belonging to the House of Slytherin had to be from a Class of “Pure Bloods” (in-other-words, your parents BOTH had to be Pure Blooded Witch and Wizard). ‘Half-Bloods’ were looked down upon as an inferior breed unworthy to be Classified as true Wizards or Witches (recall how Slytherin kids at Hogwarts treated Hermione Granger, okay). And something else characterized those from Slytherin House: these folk were generally HATEFUL, ENVIOUS, FOLLOWERS, VIOLENT and MURDERERS of the Highest Order. Hell, even Draco Malfoy was sent on a Murderous Mission to kill Dumbledore!

“Death Eaters” these Followers of Lord Voldemort were to be known as. Slaves to a twisted, maniacal philosophy based upon Prejudice, Hatred, Selfishness, Power, and Blind Obedience to a Lord & Master (a Lord Voldemort). So when I listen and study these Right-wing, Conservative Republicans today … I say to myself: “These people are just plain Slytherin Disciples! Death Eaters!”

Go listen to Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Lou Dobbs <g> or any number of RIGHT WING Kooks that litter the airwaves, and see if all they promote is nothin’ but HATE, NEGATIVITY, PREJUDICE (either against Blacks ~ Obama in particular ~ those of Mexican descent or Arab or any other NON-WHITE Group). Just like Slytherin, baby! And just like “Slytherin” too, the RIGHT WING doesn’t tolerate diversity in Thought or Philosophy!! They walk, talk and act in ‘lock step’!!

I couldn’t LIVE each day so full of HATE as these Right wingers! I couldn’t even call myself a Christian with so much vile and despicable THOUGHTS rolling around my head as theses people think and exhibit 24/7. But again, that’s what these people are, these RIGHT WINGERS/CONSERVATIVES/Republicans:

Twenty-first Century “Death Eaters”!



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