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Getting Back To ‘Roots’

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 16, 2009

When one visits other countries, you’re struck by just how the Culture and the National Identity blend to make the fabric of a People. This Identity is not manufactured, defined, debated etc. : it just IS.

We in the United States have Regional Identities, but there has always been this lacking for a TRUE  “National Identity”, instead always the search and ‘defining’ of what our TRUE IDENTITY is as a People. In fact, the only thing that binds us (United States) as a People is Language ~ and even that is under Debate with so many ‘new’ words and phrases added to the lexicon.

I say all this because I’ve noticed that whenever people sing their National Anthem at a sporting event or some such ceremony … it seems that “Other Nations Anthems” pull deep from the souls of their Peoples much more deeply than here in the United States. Oh, we here in the U.S. love and respect our National Anthem, but it doesn’t touch our Soul the way “other nations”  anthems touch their citizenry. Mind you, this is NOT a criticism of our National Anthem: just an Observation.

One of the most Beautiful and Emotional ‘National Anthems’ ~ TO ME ~ is the South African National Anthem. Born from much Suffering, Pride, Hope, and LOVE … the South African National Anthem IS the South African People and their History. I first heard it during a film about Nelson Mandela. Later I heard it again when I saw Nelson Mandela LIVE here in Oakland, California. And believe me, tears streamed down my eyes each-and-every time I heard it.

This clip was from a concert Paul Simon gave in South Africa. Look at the People’s eyes. See the High Reverence in their faces. See the almost RELIGIOUS DEMEANOR they have as they Sing their National Anthem.



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