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To LIVE As If God Exists

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 16, 2009

Long ago I read a book by Hugh Prather entitled “there is a place where you are not alone”. Prather had worked as a counselor and teacher in the fields of alcoholism, divorce, suicide, rape, battered women, child abuse, and human relationships. In the book he refers to himself as a “co-helper” because he believed that within a helping relationship the exchange is always equal and so there is no cost to anyone. In the book Prather exposes this side of his life and of the spiritual experiences that led him to a new perception of how to be truly helpful to others.

How to be truly helpful to others.

My ‘Life Experiences’ have taught that … it’s far easier to be  helpful to others than to be first helpful to one’s self. After all, by nature I’m a generous person both with my TIME and Resources. Too, when asked, I’m very generous with whatever advise I can offer to help ‘others’ resolve whatever problem they happen to be dealing with. So for me, ‘helping others’ has never been an Issue in my Life. Ahh, but ‘helping myself’ remains an Issue that STILL confronts. For you see, deep down in my Soul I KNOW what God asks from me … and for all these many years I have refused to accept His Challenge. Why: because confronting (and accepting) what I KNOW deep inside my heart what must be done … is almost frightening to the point of paralysis! Yet it remains TRUE that only in each of our hearts do we KNOW what must be done to Answer the ‘Call’ of the Spirit ~ our TRUE Selves.

In most of the major religions this ‘Call’ is called Faith, isn’t it. Jews, Muslims, and Christians are asked to ‘Believe’ in God and Follow His Directions & Dictates. Now then, from a Group standpoint this is very easy to do. In most cases ‘just showing up’ on Sundays or Fridays to be ‘seen by others’ expresses one’s outwardly Faith. What separates, however, the truly Faithful from the hypocrite is …. this solitary Answering of the ‘Call’ which God has inscribed on each individual heart. This ‘God Given Duty’, say, to fulfill his/her Mission in this Lifetime. Thus therein lies the True Struggle. Therein lies the Place where once we commit to ‘Answer the Call’ a deep LONELINESS can set in.

You see. This ‘Call’ I speak of for some can be seen as damn near impossible, yet for others as no big deal. For example, I’ve struggled with smoking most of my life; yet for many others this task is either a non-issue or one that they accomplished quite easily. Or, God my require a person to simply organize their cabinets or their home, which to some may be a Herculean task … while to others “no big deal”.  So you see, a ‘Religious Experience’ is a most Personal and Private aspect of our Lives. So Personal, in fact, that often we have to Struggle with the ‘Call’ all by ourselves.  Hence,  “There Is A Place Where We Are Not Alone”.

For example: attempt to tear from your LIFE a nagging habit ~ say cigarettes ~ and your heart will bleed! Same for alcohol, gambling, weed, negative relationship, dealing with an abusive Boss, whatever: attempt to tear those things from your heart … and your heart will BLEED.

Oh, yes it will!!

But BLEED it must if one is to obey this ‘Higher Calling’ ~ this Challenge ~  of fulfilling one’s existence on this earth. For you see:  if this ‘Higher Calling’ is not taken up and committed to, then we’re plagued with the never-ending question in our own Minds,  “Does God really exist?” And believe me, we can play this Game (?) throughout  our entire life!!


Hugh Prather writes:


“For this was not the first time in my life I had looked God in the face {his recognition of a particular Spiritual Experience}. But each time before I had walked away and said, ‘He is an illusion.’ Maybe He is, but I no longer care about that. There isn’t time for uncertainty. For me He exists. That is the only thing I know. And that is the reason I live.”


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