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Why Humanity ALWAYS Moves Upward

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 16, 2009

I am ALWAYS hopeful whenever I see the strife and bitter divide between the Races of Mankind, because the arch of Humanity is ALWAYS upward!


During the bitter Period of South Africa’s Apartheid Rule, a Black Political Party called the African National Congress (the  ANC ) was brought into existence. This Party included many of the leading Black South African ‘Freedom Fighters’, Intellectuals, and Political Operatives. Steve Biko and Nelson Mandela to name just a few.

Anyway, the Anthem of the ANC would later become part of the National Anthem of South Africa. Think about it: the Anthem of a Party (ANC) thought to be Terrorists, Trouble Makers, the Enemy of the State by White South Africans under Apartheid Rule …. would one day become a vital part of all the South African political power structure!!

And to think. That one day Whites would Sing with Pride the ANC Anthem as now part of their own!! Amazing.



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