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Republican ‘Death Eaters’: One Pony Circus Act

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 17, 2009

Obama could say that the sun rises in the East, and Republicans will say, “Hell NO! It rises in the West!”

Obama wins the Nobel Peace  Prize and according to Republicans, “It’s Obama’s fault that the committee selected him!”

Obama can say he’ll wait to make a deliberate DECISION regarding Troop Levels in Afghanistan, yet the Republicans will declare: “Obama can’t make a decision on Afghanistan because he’s too timid and indecisive!”

Obama can work tirelessly to STIMULATE the Economy, yet according to Republicans …. “Obama is a failure because he’s destroying America’s Capitalistic System!”

Obama, according to Republicans, can’t bow to International Royalty; Obama can’t make Health Care affordable and/or Accessable to Americans; Obama is a Manchurian Candidate; Obama is a closet Muslim; and on-and on- etc.


According to Republicans: Obama can do no right!


Now Obama wants to hold Terrorist Trials  on American Soil and under American Jurisprudence. Here’s your TYPICAL Republican rant”











One Response to “Republican ‘Death Eaters’: One Pony Circus Act”

  1. T. Ruth said

    Perhaps the author would be better served to look at the results of President Obama’s policies than merely defend them because they exist.

    Appears this author believes President Obama can take a dump on American values and the author will call it nourishment.

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