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Posted by scorpiomkm on November 21, 2009

Here’s a recent COMMENT to mine re the Republican’ts & Right wingers being a ‘One Trick Pony Circus Act’


T. Ruth said

November 20, 2009 at 11:57 am e

Perhaps the author would be better served to look at the results of President Obama’s policies than merely defend them because they exist.

Appears this author believes President Obama can take a dump on American values and the author will call it nourishment




Ruth, Ruth.   : )



Health Care … which the ‘No Nothing Party’ (Republicans) object to? Hell, I’m totally supportive of EVERY American having access to affordable Health Care. But ‘I know – I know’: Greedy Republicans just can’t ween themselves  off that Big Tit of INSURANCE COMPANY MONEY to simply do what’s right for ‘ALL’ Americans, huh Ruth.

Domestic Policy … I’ve kinda enjoyed watching the Dow Jones Index CLIMB during the past 12 months! George W. Bush dam near had me living under an ‘overpass’ with his and Republican Economic ‘Trickle Down’ and TAX CUTS for the Phat Kats strategy. See, Ruth, Obama is all about ACCOUNTABILITY, okay! This is why his Campaign Promise on Health Care ~ he’s doing it (and has done it for children); or take Rigorous Standards on Wall Street ~ he’s done it; or Transparency in Government ~ he’s doing it; Improving Trade ~ we’ve had a SURPLUS this year; etc., etc., etc.

Foreign Policy …. I’ve stopped work on my basement bomb bunker since we now have a president named Obama rather than Bush, okay! Too, since Obama became President, I now can visit a lot more countries without fear of being spit on!!

You know something,  my fine little ‘Wrong Thinking Friend’. My least favorite bird is the Parrot. So when I hear or see kats like YOU mimic the same old tired lines such as  ” ….President Obama can take a dump on American values and the author will call it nourishment” Ruth, Ruth.   : )


American VALUES????   : )


Like those expressed by Sarah Palin??    : )


Rush Limbaugh?    : )



Glenn Beck!!    : )



Bill O’Reilly??


Hell! I’m so sorry, Ruth, that people like Barack Obama aren’t working in Bill O’Reilly’s kitchen like back in ‘the good ol’ days’, okay!    : )


And I’m truly sorry that a Latina has the AUDACITY to sit her brown ass on the U.S. Supreme Court, or that YOU PEOPLE (Racists) have to endure having a Black Woman as First Lady. But excuse this being the  Twenty-first Century, okay!!



After 200 YEARS of ‘White Absolute Rule’: Things tend to CHANGE a bit!   : )


I kinda feel sorry for folks like you, Ruth. See, you folks allow the Rush Fatbaughs, the Hannitys, the Becks, the Savages, and lawd knows who else … to literally do your thinking for you! Now, I know that all this mindless gibberish in fact is designed to simply COVER your REAL objection to Obama ~ that being Obama is a Black Man: I KNOW this! That’s why each day while YOU PEOPLE (Right, Conservative, Republicans, Skin Heads and other assorted ‘knuckle draggers’) eat yourselves up in HATRED, IGNORANCE, PREJUDICE ….


I live each day with Joy & Pride as I observe this brilliant Brother ‘do his thing’!!


Now then. Go back and enjoy listening to Rush Fatbaugh!!




HATE it UP, baby!!



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