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A Powerful Child

Posted by scorpiomkm on November 22, 2009

TODAY I wanted to run at my “High Place”. Normally I visit my High Place to Meditate or ponder some deep Issue in my Life, but today I just wanted to run along some winding path where the trees serve as giant observers … and the grass is never as green as when following a recent rain. And I must say, today’s run was enjoyable as well a Blessing; a Blessing for what happened as I neared the end of my run.

As I neared the parking lot at the end of my run, I noticed a man walking with his daughter near the park entrance. “How sweet”, I thought to myself as I watched this father sharing his TIME with his very young daughter ~ teaching and EXPOSING her to the wonders of Nature. And as I got closer I looked down at the child: powerful Blue Eyes she had, with her Blond Hair stuffed beneath a wool cap. Just as cute as she could be. But what startled me was …. she smiled at ‘ME’ in a way I had not experienced in quite some time. Her smile and eyes full of happiness was so FULL OF LOVE & TRUST, that I really just wanted to pick her up and hug her! A connection ~yes,  a POWERFUL connection ~ was made between us as if somehow she and I had met before in another Period of TIME or in another Place. All I know is this:

in the brief encounter between us, I felt a sense of Hope, Peace, and Joy sweep across my Soul. Feelings I had not felt in quite some TIME.

Damn near a Religious experience!!

Perhaps this is why the Christian Bible states that Jesus had said (and I paraphrase), ” The Kingdom of God must be first entered as a Child.”

Today, I fully understood the meaning of this.


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