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“…and the Home of the …Brave?”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 30, 2009

I’ve had just about enough on the Media attention given the failed attempt at blowing up that airliner on Christmas. Not that it wasn’t newsworthy … INITIALLY, but my lawd 6 days of nonstop coverage about a FAILED attempt by some kat with firecrackers in his underwear!


Hell, I completely understand the Right blabbering about the incident 6 days after the fact. After all, Right wingers are OBSESSED in making Obama a FAILURE ~ about as much as they are proud to show just how disloyal, unpatriotic, racists, bigoted, and just plain STUPID they are to. I get how these sorryass Conservative Nazis are married to imagined Disaster or perceived weakness under the Obama Administration. What baffles me is …. why the Mainstream Media pays these Neonazis-Neocons any attention at all!

Why, oh why, does the Mainstream Media act scared and fearful of these Conservative ‘NUTS’, to the point of using these Clowns “talking points” to criticise the Obama Administration be it Health Care, National Security, Tarp, you name it. Even MSNBC is borrowing from the “Death Eater” (Republican) Playbook. Check out Keith Obermen (SP) and Matthews some time. They damn near mimic Fox News of late!

See, Folks. I’m just now getting over 8 long YEARS of Republican phony Patriotism, chest pounding, and displaced hubris. All the things that has gotten this country into debt, worldwide suspicion, and unchecked ‘Checks & Balances’ as promised in the U.S. Constitution. So I’ll be damned if I’ll watch (or listen) to ANY media outlet that merely parrots Right wing lunacy and hatred! Because quit frankly, and as an American … I’m embarrassed that ‘My Country’ quakes in her boots whenever some fanatic ‘goes off’ (or tries to). I get EXTREMELY EMBARRASSED when ‘My Country’ acts like a frightened gaggle of grade school children when the mere’ Shadow of a Terrorist’ steps from the darkness.


As a child, I Believed in the phrase that ends the ‘Star Bangled Banner’  : ” …. and the Home of the Brave!” In fact, right after 911 I wrote: “OK, America. We got our nose bloody today. So get up off our knees and ‘Stand Tall’ tomorrow!”

I wrote that the night of 911!! Yet NOW I see the Main Stream Media acting like frightened little children: and it makes me sick! And it makes me even sicker to watch CNN, MSNBC, and the National Mainstream News Outlets follow the tone of a bunch of COWARDS, INBECILES, RACISTS, and damn near TRAITORS ~ Republicans & Conservatives I’m referring to ~ when in fact these kats (Republicans) have no POWER (ZERO, NADA) nor do they possess any constructive Ideas worth a damn.

The hell with the Media, both Main and Imbecile!!

This is like Sarah Palin’s BOOK making the New York Times ‘Best Seller’ List … when the vast number of people that bought her BOOK are  people that don’t (or can’t) READ!!


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24/7 HATE

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 28, 2009

I did this video back on July 2008 ~ during the McCain/Obama Presidential Race. AND DURING THAT TIME, I found it somewhat amazing (crazy) that the Republican Right would CONSTANTLY ‘rag’ on one Barack Obama. Oh, I was very much aware the audience kats like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Savage et al were aiming at: mostly the under-educated, narrow-minded, prejudiced, and highly Racists white folk who will go to their graves just as IGNORANT as when they took their first breaths. I clearly UNDERSTOOD that! But to me ~ even if I were ‘Joe Six Pac’ and believed that Obama was THE LIVING BLACK DEVIL and a THREAT to the so-called ‘American Lifestyle’ and ‘Way of Life’; still my loathing of THIS MAN (Obama) wouldn’t color (g) my feelings or perspective 24/7!

I couldn’t stand George W. Bush! But whenever he ‘acted’ like a rational Human Being I acknowledged it! Whenever he showed his ‘Human Side’ I appreciated that ‘common touch’. In short, George W. Bush was NOT all bad or all wrong! But to the Right, Obama can’t do ANYTHING that they find laudatory, praiseworthy, or even ‘American’ in nature.

And all this HATRED and Disrespect, mind you, coming from a Group that had no ~ ZERO ~ ideas to get America out of the damn near DEPRESSION their Republican darlings got us into. From a Party and Philosophy that FAVORS ‘Big Business’, Big Government ~ oh, yes they do ~ and worship at the altar of Greed, Selfishness, and divisiveness! Yet it is Obama they HATE and LOATH.

These people HATE ‘Change’!!

These people HATE a ‘Black President’!!

These people HATE the Twenty-first Century!!

Go listen to the Local Right-wing Radio Station (they’re easy to find) TODAY …. and you’ll hear these ‘Death Eaters’ rag on Obama for the failure of Homeland Security to nab that recent Nigerian Terrorist, or how Health Care will ruin the Country (‘Obama Care’, so called) ~ or how Obama is wrong for even taking a vacation in Hawaii!!

“Peace on Earth, and Goodwill toward Men”

Not to ‘Death Eaters’!!

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Christmas Eve Nights

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 24, 2009

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m always amazed how my thoughts drift back to my Youth.

Each year on ‘Christmas Eve’ I often reflect back on my little Midwestern Ohio Town ~ back on the ‘Christmas Eve’ of my childhood. During my Youth I would often  walk around my little town at night, Christmas Eve Night,  enthralled and in wonder at the warmly decorated homes I’d pass; or notice the slowing down of human outdoor activity and traffic almost to a halt. And as I think about it now, it seemed that usually around this time ~ Christmas Eve Night ~ was when I would feel most alone. An aloneness borne out of the stark solitude of huge snowflakes falling from an ink-black night sky. And no doubt, the bone cold night air and the far off sound of a car tire whirling to escape a snow drift contributed to this feeling of ALONENESS as well. But it was a ‘Good Aloneness’ that allowed me to take the wonders of ‘Christmas Eve Night’ in to the fullest.

I would walk for Blocks …. MILES, just soaking it all in. Trying my best to absorb the TRUE MEANING of this night as best I could. So when I reached that stage of  my ‘Christmas Eve Walk’, I usually would find myself in front of  St. Mary’s Catholic Church where a Christmas Eve Mass was being held. And my goodness, the Choir sang as angels and lifted my spirits to the Heavens!

I miss the innocence of that TIME. A TIME when I still wondered when (not IF)  Santa would visit me. A TIME when both of my parents were around to welcome me home with a kiss and a nice hot chocolate.

A TIME when I had visions of a little baby lying in a manger on a cold night ~ a lonely cold night. Just like the ‘Christmas Eve Nights” I used to walk …. in my small Midwestern Ohio town.

Merry Christmas, Everybody!!

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A TRUE Birthing

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 19, 2009

The Felicity Daily Herald

Obama hails 60th Senate vote for health care

By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent David Espo, Ap Special Correspondent 1 hr 2 mins ago

WASHINGTON – Jubilant Democrats locked in Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson as the 60th and decisive vote for historic health care legislation Saturday, putting President Barack Obama’s signature issue firmly on a path for Christmas Eve passage.

At the White House, Obama swiftly welcomed the breakthrough, saying, “After a nearly century-long struggle, we are on the cusp of making health care reform a reality in the United States of America.”

In the Capitol, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid smiled broadly when asked if Nelson’s decision gave him the 60-vote majority necessary to overcome solid Republican opposition. “Seems that way,” he said. The Nevada Democrat agreed to a series of concessions on abortion and other issues demanded by Nelson in daylong talks on Friday, then informed Obama of the agreement in a late night phone call as the president flew home from climate talks in Copenhagen.

The Congressional Budget Office said the Senate bill would extend coverage to more than 30 million Americans who lack it. It also imposes new regulations to curb abuses of the insurance industry, and the president noted one last-minute addition would impose penalties on companies that “arbitrarily jack up prices” in advance of the legislation taking effect.

CBO analysts also said the legislation would cut federal deficits by $132 billion over 10 years and possibly much more in the subsequent decade.

The developments unfolded on a day of improbables — a snowstorm enveloped the Capitol, creating whiteout conditions outside; while inside senators staged dueling news conferences as if their presence on the Saturday before Christmas was the rule rather than the rarest of exceptions.

At its core, the legislation would create a new insurance exchange where consumers could shop for affordable coverage that complied with new federal guidelines. Most Americans would be required to purchase insurance, with federal subsidies available to help defray the cost for lower and middle income individuals and families.

In a concession to Nelson and other moderates, the bill lacks a government-run insurance option of the type that House Democrats inserted into theirs. In a final defeat for liberals, a proposed Medicare expansion was also jettisoned in the past several days as Reid and the White House maneuvered for 60 votes.

Outnumbered Republicans unleashed a new series of attacks against the legislation and vowed to delay its passage as long as possible. The next — and most critical — test vote was set for about 1 a.m. Monday.

To secure passage, Democrats will need to show 60 votes on two additional occasions, and in the meantime, Reid made sure Republicans would have no additional chances to seek changes to the measure.

“This bill is a legislative train wreck of historic proportions,” the party’s leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said at a news conference. He pointed to cuts to Medicare that CBO said totaled more than $470 billion over a decade, with reductions in planned payments to home health care agencies and hospices. He also said the bill includes “massive tax increases” at a time of double-digit unemployment.

Republicans also noted that CBO concluded that under the bill, “federal outlays for health care would increase during the 2010-2019 period, as would the federal budgetary commitment to health care.”

True to their word, Republicans objected when Reid sought permission for Nelson to announce his decision in a speech on the Senate floor, then insisted clerks read aloud 383 pages of last-minute changes the majority leader unveiled.

Many of Reid’s revisions were designed to secure the 60 votes needed to steer the bill past the GOP filibuster.

Those drafted at Nelson’s behest drew the most attention, and included further restrictions on abortion coverage in policies sold inside the exchanges.

States would be permitted to ban insurance coverage of abortions in policies sold in the exchange, except in cases of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is in jeopardy. In states where such coverage is permitted, consumers must notify their insurance company they want it, and pay for it separately.

The Nebraskan also won increased federal funds to cover his state’s cost of covering an expanded Medicaid population at a cost that one Democratic official put at $45 million over a decade, and took credit for easing the bill’s impact as well as other, smaller changes.

When he finally announced his decision, Nelson did so at a news conference in a Capitol corridor, rather than from his Senate desk as Democrats had preferred. Noting the bruising negotiations over abortion, he said, “I know this is hard for some of my colleagues to accept and I appreciate their right to disagree. But I would not have voted for this bill without these provisions.”

Senators who support abortion rights accepted the changes reluctantly. But conservative Republicans and the National Right to Life Committee criticized them as a step backward from the equivalent part of the House bill, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops also opposed them.

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., who pushed through the restrictions in the House-passed bill, also rejected Nelson’s deal. He called it “not acceptable” because it “would allow the federal government to subsidize insurance policies with abortion coverage.” He said he intends to keep working to find a solution that would allow him to ultimately vote for the health care bill.

Nelson, Nebraska’s former state insurance commissioner, wasn’t the only squeaky senatorial wheel within the 60-member Democratic caucus.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., claimed credit for a last-minute, $10 billion increase in funding for community health centers nationwide, which he said would create new or expanded facilities in 10,000 areas and provide primary care for 25 million more Americans.

Sanders made an impassioned speech on the Senate floor earlier in the week on behalf of a doomed proposal for government-run health care. In an interview, he said he only agreed to vote for the legislation on Friday, when Reid told him additional billions for the health centers would be included.

Another provision in Reid’s changes provides additional federal funding for hospitals in Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and the Dakotas, although no cost estimate was available.

The House passed its version of the bill in November, and final compromise talks are expected to begin after a brief break for the holidays. Numerous issues must be resolved — including the role of government in the new insurance market and abortion restrictions. But Democrats have made a point all year of compromising on difficult issues in the name of the most far-reaching changes in the nation’s health care system in generations, and hope to have a bill for Obama to sign before next month’s State of the Union address to Congress.

In place of a government-run insurance option, the estimated 30 million Americans purchasing coverage through new insurance exchanges would have the option of signing up for national plans overseen by the same office that manages health coverage for federal employees and members of Congress. Those plans would be privately owned, but operated on a nonprofit basis, as many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans are now.

Insurance companies would be barred immediately from denying coverage to children because of a pre-existing health condition. The prohibition on denial of coverage for adults would not take effect in the Senate bill until 2014, a disappointment for consumer advocates.

Among the changes Reid incorporated was dropping a proposed tax on cosmetic surgical procedures, including Botox injections. Instead, Senate Democrats are proposing a 10 percent sales tax on tanning salons, to be paid by the person soaking up the rays. The Food and Drug Administration says ultraviolet radiation from tanning can increase the risk of skin cancer.

The revised bill also calls for a .9 percent increase in the Medicare payroll tax on incomes over $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for couples. Reid’s earlier bill had a smaller hike, .5 percent.

The bill also taxes high-cost insurance plans as part of a plan to put downward pressure on health care use.


“That’s one small step for Man. And One Giant Leap for Humanity!”

While Right wingers, bigots, racists, and ‘Know Nothin’s’ ~ as well as knuckle dragging ‘Tea Party’ Klans ~ spent months on end spewing their HATRED and FILTH at President Obama, ‘Our Government’, as well as those that TRULY LOVE our nation …. America tonight stands at the threshold of giving Birth to a much Kinder, Humane, and Responsible Society as we now will move toward a ‘More Perfect Union’. With the Passage this Christmas Eve of Legislation to REFORM Health Care, more Citizens will be added to the health Care roles; as well as no longer can Americans be EXCLUDED from Coverage due to a pre-existing condition!

Is this Legislation perfect: Absolutely not! But its a Beginning … a CHANGE from the status quo whereby health care costs were dragging this country down the path of financial ruin. Sure, I’m very upset a ‘Public Option’ is not included. Sure, I’m very angry that the insurance industry STILL will make out like Phat Kats. But damn it: we’ve at least seen the rise of a ‘New Morning in America’ whereby MORE Americans will be ENTITLED to Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of Happiness & Good AFFORDABLE Health Care!



Sorry, ‘Cavemen Republicans’

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When Will Democrats & Liberals Ever Learn

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 17, 2009

Obama rode the wave of CHANGE into the White House. Congressional Democrats rode high with a Majority that seemed at the time to be ‘Republican Proof’. Yet here we are 1 year since Obama’s Inauguration with Obama’s ‘Favorable Rating’ heading South; Democrats are facing stiff competition in the 2010 Mid-Term Elections; and worse of all …. Health Care Reform is now faced by not being truly HEALTH CARE Legislation at all, at least not in the substantive form Liberals and Progressives envisioned.

And what’s sad about all this: all these headaches were truly UNNECESSARY!!

First of all, why-oh-why did Democrats believe that non-partisanship was possible with a Party (Republicans) that had absolutely no intention making Obama’s First Term a success. NONE! Too, Right wing radio has DAILY hammered Obama unmercifully with “He’s a Socialist” or “Obama isn’t a REAL American” (Birthers) or “For the first time in my life I’m scared of our President” (racists). And although I fully hold to the ‘Right of Expression’ in this country, throughout this past year the Democrats have failed to Answer the scandalous charges from the Right …. in fact, by even recognizing these knuckle draggers they (Democrats) legitimized these clowns way beyond their worth, power (minimal) or ideas (and the lack thereof).

But ‘Joe Six Pac’ and Billy Bob ate it up, Dems!! And these numbnuts and ‘Tea Party Yahoos’ VOTE!!

Alll this playin’ ‘Nice-Nice’ with these ‘Death Eaters’ have resulted in even the world’s greatest PUSSY grabbing you kats by the nuts! Imagine: here we have Democrats held captive by that jelly fish, Joe Lieberman! Here again, giving that ‘slime ball’ an homage well beyond his worth and power. Hell, Liberman is nothing but a whore for the Insurance Companies ~ as well as the majority of Congress-people on BOTH sides of the aisle share that dubious yet lucrative honor.

I’ll tell you what, President Obama: keep bending over backwards to these whorish and Narrow Minded Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats, and you might as well start packing ~ because you’ll be a ONE TERM PRESIDENT unless you govern as if these slugs didn’t exist! And Congress, the Democratic Led Congress: you kats best get a backbone and STAND on your Democratic Principles, because unless you find or regain your Democratic Souls …. you too will be seated in the ‘out of power party’ OUT-HOUSE come November 2010 rather than the cushy offices you now occupy!

Democrats should be ashamed of themselves to allow the ‘Party of No Ideas’ (Republicans) to run circles around them! Stand for SOMETHING, DEMOCRATS! It’s you kats that have the POWER the People intrusted you with. Quit being punks, wimps, and pussies when it comes to doing what is ‘right’ and doing the business “The People” elected you for.

Remember: the MASSES are grossly IGNORANT, PREJUDICED, and just plain DUMB. Why else can any sane human being explain the power of the Limbaughs & Hannitys of the world, hum?

Don’t Pass this sham of Health Care Legislation, Harry Reed! With no ‘Public Option’ or no Medicare feed-in …. this Legislation, as currently considered, is nothing but a Health Care -‘ Slap on the hand’ Insurance Company bastard! If you kats can’t get America a TRUE REFORM BILL: crawl back to your pretty little offices and wait for the RED WAVE to sweep your tired asses out of Office next November!

Sorry ass Democrats!!

When will they ever get a backbone!!!

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Tiger Woods: Hunter

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 10, 2009

I could give a fat rat’s ass what Sport Figures, Entertainers, or even Politicians do with their Personal Life! As such, Tiger Woods alleged rather ACTIVE sex life OUTSIDE Marriage  is of no concern to me, okay! Again, I don’t WORSHIP these people (nor care) beyond their Craft or Professional Life!

Respect their TALENT : of course! But to somehow feel betrayed by these kats because they were involved in certain activities OUTSIDE the gridiron … or ball diamond …. or basketball court … or golf course is of no concern to me nor does it impact ‘My Life’ in the slightest! I neither condone nor reject their behavior, but simply Observe and note whether said Activity effects their Play or Craft! And that’s THAT!

Men are MEN! And in case some of you Puritans have forgotten: the MALE in MOST species are HUNTERS!! It’s in our DNA, baby! And when you add to that FACT young men that have more MONEY than god  ~ as in the case of Tiger Woods: hell, Tiger would truly be “other worldly” if he could reject ALL the SEX that’s in his face 24/7!!

Are you crazy!  : )

White women, Black women, Latina women, Asian women ~ don’t matter! MEN are HUNTERS!!   : )

Now of course, we live in a so-called “Civilized Society” where these wanton SEXUAL URGES are to be defeated. And I’m well aware that even RELIGION as pontificated on  by Christians, Jews, and Muslims preach against these primeval URGES of Men. But let’s be REAL:

It ain’t happening, baby!   : )


See. This is why so many Marriages end up in failure, because BOTH Men & Women are brought up to believe in the fallacy of  “In Death~ and in death only ~  Do WE Part!” or “You are my ONE and ONLY!” nonsense; which is all well and good … so long as Women and Men understand that ‘MEN ARE HUNTERS by Nature’ ~ while WOMEN are ‘Gatherers’ (Nesters)  by Nature’! It’s in both our DNA!!

Am I saying that it is impossible to love and be with ONE WOMAN till ‘Death Do Ye Part’: NO! What I’m saying is …. that until BOTH men and women recognize certain biological FACTS of each, and be mindful of such ~ then both Men & Women will cling to these ridiculous Myths of  “He/She wants ONLY me” or “My Husband/Wife is loyal ONLY to me, and would NEVER stray!”


C’mon, Folks!

Tiger Wood’s greatest mistake was getting Married in the first place! It’s OBVIOUS Tiger wasn’t READY for Marriage (at least the Traditional Marriage). As I stated earlier ~ with Tiger’s Money, Fame, and Youth …. no way should he gotten Married in his 20s! And not only that, WE DON’T KNOW what his Married LIFE was really like, now do we! Maybe Tiger wasn’t having his sexual NEEDS satisfied or met by his wife, hum?

We just don’t KNOW!

I’ll continue to watch and respect Tiger Woods, the Professional Golfer. The Games GREATEST! But as to how many ‘other women’ Tiger boinked or whatever<g>  … I could give a fat rat’s ass! That’s between Tiger and his wife! But I do KNOW:

MEN are HUNTERS!! And this quality will remain in MEN as long as the species exist on earth!!


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The Era of Obama

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 10, 2009

This being my ‘Day Off Work’, I happened to catch President Obama’s LECTURE in receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize. I was particularly interested in how he was going to handle his Acceptance of the award in light of his recent deployment of 30,000 U.S. Troops in Afghanistan. Never ~ NEVER ~ did I anticipate his not only acknowledging such controversy existed … but he rose to an incredible BRILLIANCE to frame the posit, IN OSLO, that sometimes WARS are ‘just’ for a later PEACE ~ a Long Lasting Peace.

Hell! Even Conservatives were impressed ~ and that’s saying  one hell of lot, okay!   : )

I’ve said since Day 1 when Obama made his run for the Presidency: “Barack Obama is the most BRILLIANT and ASTUTE man to ever seek the Office of President of the United States since John F. Kennedy!”

Its gotten nothing to do with Race, Ethnicity, Gender, or Politics! Sometimes there comes along an American that is MADE to be the Leader of the Free World! An Individual that was made for “The Times” of the Nation and her People!

Each-and-every time  THIS MAN, Barack Obama, opens his mouth ~ I can only “thank God” that I can witness this BRILLIANT and ACCOMPLISHED individual weave his magic. Just as I witnessed JFK ‘do his thing’ from Camelot and Beyond.

We’re ‘ALL’ very fortunate to have been a Witness during the ‘Era of Obama’!!

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