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Tiger Woods: Hunter

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 10, 2009

I could give a fat rat’s ass what Sport Figures, Entertainers, or even Politicians do with their Personal Life! As such, Tiger Woods alleged rather ACTIVE sex life OUTSIDE Marriage  is of no concern to me, okay! Again, I don’t WORSHIP these people (nor care) beyond their Craft or Professional Life!

Respect their TALENT : of course! But to somehow feel betrayed by these kats because they were involved in certain activities OUTSIDE the gridiron … or ball diamond …. or basketball court … or golf course is of no concern to me nor does it impact ‘My Life’ in the slightest! I neither condone nor reject their behavior, but simply Observe and note whether said Activity effects their Play or Craft! And that’s THAT!

Men are MEN! And in case some of you Puritans have forgotten: the MALE in MOST species are HUNTERS!! It’s in our DNA, baby! And when you add to that FACT young men that have more MONEY than god  ~ as in the case of Tiger Woods: hell, Tiger would truly be “other worldly” if he could reject ALL the SEX that’s in his face 24/7!!

Are you crazy!  : )

White women, Black women, Latina women, Asian women ~ don’t matter! MEN are HUNTERS!!   : )

Now of course, we live in a so-called “Civilized Society” where these wanton SEXUAL URGES are to be defeated. And I’m well aware that even RELIGION as pontificated on  by Christians, Jews, and Muslims preach against these primeval URGES of Men. But let’s be REAL:

It ain’t happening, baby!   : )


See. This is why so many Marriages end up in failure, because BOTH Men & Women are brought up to believe in the fallacy of  “In Death~ and in death only ~  Do WE Part!” or “You are my ONE and ONLY!” nonsense; which is all well and good … so long as Women and Men understand that ‘MEN ARE HUNTERS by Nature’ ~ while WOMEN are ‘Gatherers’ (Nesters)  by Nature’! It’s in both our DNA!!

Am I saying that it is impossible to love and be with ONE WOMAN till ‘Death Do Ye Part’: NO! What I’m saying is …. that until BOTH men and women recognize certain biological FACTS of each, and be mindful of such ~ then both Men & Women will cling to these ridiculous Myths of  “He/She wants ONLY me” or “My Husband/Wife is loyal ONLY to me, and would NEVER stray!”


C’mon, Folks!

Tiger Wood’s greatest mistake was getting Married in the first place! It’s OBVIOUS Tiger wasn’t READY for Marriage (at least the Traditional Marriage). As I stated earlier ~ with Tiger’s Money, Fame, and Youth …. no way should he gotten Married in his 20s! And not only that, WE DON’T KNOW what his Married LIFE was really like, now do we! Maybe Tiger wasn’t having his sexual NEEDS satisfied or met by his wife, hum?

We just don’t KNOW!

I’ll continue to watch and respect Tiger Woods, the Professional Golfer. The Games GREATEST! But as to how many ‘other women’ Tiger boinked or whatever<g>  … I could give a fat rat’s ass! That’s between Tiger and his wife! But I do KNOW:

MEN are HUNTERS!! And this quality will remain in MEN as long as the species exist on earth!!



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