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When Will Democrats & Liberals Ever Learn

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 17, 2009

Obama rode the wave of CHANGE into the White House. Congressional Democrats rode high with a Majority that seemed at the time to be ‘Republican Proof’. Yet here we are 1 year since Obama’s Inauguration with Obama’s ‘Favorable Rating’ heading South; Democrats are facing stiff competition in the 2010 Mid-Term Elections; and worse of all …. Health Care Reform is now faced by not being truly HEALTH CARE Legislation at all, at least not in the substantive form Liberals and Progressives envisioned.

And what’s sad about all this: all these headaches were truly UNNECESSARY!!

First of all, why-oh-why did Democrats believe that non-partisanship was possible with a Party (Republicans) that had absolutely no intention making Obama’s First Term a success. NONE! Too, Right wing radio has DAILY hammered Obama unmercifully with “He’s a Socialist” or “Obama isn’t a REAL American” (Birthers) or “For the first time in my life I’m scared of our President” (racists). And although I fully hold to the ‘Right of Expression’ in this country, throughout this past year the Democrats have failed to Answer the scandalous charges from the Right …. in fact, by even recognizing these knuckle draggers they (Democrats) legitimized these clowns way beyond their worth, power (minimal) or ideas (and the lack thereof).

But ‘Joe Six Pac’ and Billy Bob ate it up, Dems!! And these numbnuts and ‘Tea Party Yahoos’ VOTE!!

Alll this playin’ ‘Nice-Nice’ with these ‘Death Eaters’ have resulted in even the world’s greatest PUSSY grabbing you kats by the nuts! Imagine: here we have Democrats held captive by that jelly fish, Joe Lieberman! Here again, giving that ‘slime ball’ an homage well beyond his worth and power. Hell, Liberman is nothing but a whore for the Insurance Companies ~ as well as the majority of Congress-people on BOTH sides of the aisle share that dubious yet lucrative honor.

I’ll tell you what, President Obama: keep bending over backwards to these whorish and Narrow Minded Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats, and you might as well start packing ~ because you’ll be a ONE TERM PRESIDENT unless you govern as if these slugs didn’t exist! And Congress, the Democratic Led Congress: you kats best get a backbone and STAND on your Democratic Principles, because unless you find or regain your Democratic Souls …. you too will be seated in the ‘out of power party’ OUT-HOUSE come November 2010 rather than the cushy offices you now occupy!

Democrats should be ashamed of themselves to allow the ‘Party of No Ideas’ (Republicans) to run circles around them! Stand for SOMETHING, DEMOCRATS! It’s you kats that have the POWER the People intrusted you with. Quit being punks, wimps, and pussies when it comes to doing what is ‘right’ and doing the business “The People” elected you for.

Remember: the MASSES are grossly IGNORANT, PREJUDICED, and just plain DUMB. Why else can any sane human being explain the power of the Limbaughs & Hannitys of the world, hum?

Don’t Pass this sham of Health Care Legislation, Harry Reed! With no ‘Public Option’ or no Medicare feed-in …. this Legislation, as currently considered, is nothing but a Health Care -‘ Slap on the hand’ Insurance Company bastard! If you kats can’t get America a TRUE REFORM BILL: crawl back to your pretty little offices and wait for the RED WAVE to sweep your tired asses out of Office next November!

Sorry ass Democrats!!

When will they ever get a backbone!!!


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