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Christmas Eve Nights

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 24, 2009

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m always amazed how my thoughts drift back to my Youth.

Each year on ‘Christmas Eve’ I often reflect back on my little Midwestern Ohio Town ~ back on the ‘Christmas Eve’ of my childhood. During my Youth I would often  walk around my little town at night, Christmas Eve Night,  enthralled and in wonder at the warmly decorated homes I’d pass; or notice the slowing down of human outdoor activity and traffic almost to a halt. And as I think about it now, it seemed that usually around this time ~ Christmas Eve Night ~ was when I would feel most alone. An aloneness borne out of the stark solitude of huge snowflakes falling from an ink-black night sky. And no doubt, the bone cold night air and the far off sound of a car tire whirling to escape a snow drift contributed to this feeling of ALONENESS as well. But it was a ‘Good Aloneness’ that allowed me to take the wonders of ‘Christmas Eve Night’ in to the fullest.

I would walk for Blocks …. MILES, just soaking it all in. Trying my best to absorb the TRUE MEANING of this night as best I could. So when I reached that stage of  my ‘Christmas Eve Walk’, I usually would find myself in front of  St. Mary’s Catholic Church where a Christmas Eve Mass was being held. And my goodness, the Choir sang as angels and lifted my spirits to the Heavens!

I miss the innocence of that TIME. A TIME when I still wondered when (not IF)  Santa would visit me. A TIME when both of my parents were around to welcome me home with a kiss and a nice hot chocolate.

A TIME when I had visions of a little baby lying in a manger on a cold night ~ a lonely cold night. Just like the ‘Christmas Eve Nights” I used to walk …. in my small Midwestern Ohio town.

Merry Christmas, Everybody!!


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