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24/7 HATE

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 28, 2009

I did this video back on July 2008 ~ during the McCain/Obama Presidential Race. AND DURING THAT TIME, I found it somewhat amazing (crazy) that the Republican Right would CONSTANTLY ‘rag’ on one Barack Obama. Oh, I was very much aware the audience kats like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Savage et al were aiming at: mostly the under-educated, narrow-minded, prejudiced, and highly Racists white folk who will go to their graves just as IGNORANT as when they took their first breaths. I clearly UNDERSTOOD that! But to me ~ even if I were ‘Joe Six Pac’ and believed that Obama was THE LIVING BLACK DEVIL and a THREAT to the so-called ‘American Lifestyle’ and ‘Way of Life’; still my loathing of THIS MAN (Obama) wouldn’t color (g) my feelings or perspective 24/7!

I couldn’t stand George W. Bush! But whenever he ‘acted’ like a rational Human Being I acknowledged it! Whenever he showed his ‘Human Side’ I appreciated that ‘common touch’. In short, George W. Bush was NOT all bad or all wrong! But to the Right, Obama can’t do ANYTHING that they find laudatory, praiseworthy, or even ‘American’ in nature.

And all this HATRED and Disrespect, mind you, coming from a Group that had no ~ ZERO ~ ideas to get America out of the damn near DEPRESSION their Republican darlings got us into. From a Party and Philosophy that FAVORS ‘Big Business’, Big Government ~ oh, yes they do ~ and worship at the altar of Greed, Selfishness, and divisiveness! Yet it is Obama they HATE and LOATH.

These people HATE ‘Change’!!

These people HATE a ‘Black President’!!

These people HATE the Twenty-first Century!!

Go listen to the Local Right-wing Radio Station (they’re easy to find) TODAY …. and you’ll hear these ‘Death Eaters’ rag on Obama for the failure of Homeland Security to nab that recent Nigerian Terrorist, or how Health Care will ruin the Country (‘Obama Care’, so called) ~ or how Obama is wrong for even taking a vacation in Hawaii!!

“Peace on Earth, and Goodwill toward Men”

Not to ‘Death Eaters’!!


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