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“…and the Home of the …Brave?”

Posted by scorpiomkm on December 30, 2009

I’ve had just about enough on the Media attention given the failed attempt at blowing up that airliner on Christmas. Not that it wasn’t newsworthy … INITIALLY, but my lawd 6 days of nonstop coverage about a FAILED attempt by some kat with firecrackers in his underwear!


Hell, I completely understand the Right blabbering about the incident 6 days after the fact. After all, Right wingers are OBSESSED in making Obama a FAILURE ~ about as much as they are proud to show just how disloyal, unpatriotic, racists, bigoted, and just plain STUPID they are to. I get how these sorryass Conservative Nazis are married to imagined Disaster or perceived weakness under the Obama Administration. What baffles me is …. why the Mainstream Media pays these Neonazis-Neocons any attention at all!

Why, oh why, does the Mainstream Media act scared and fearful of these Conservative ‘NUTS’, to the point of using these Clowns “talking points” to criticise the Obama Administration be it Health Care, National Security, Tarp, you name it. Even MSNBC is borrowing from the “Death Eater” (Republican) Playbook. Check out Keith Obermen (SP) and Matthews some time. They damn near mimic Fox News of late!

See, Folks. I’m just now getting over 8 long YEARS of Republican phony Patriotism, chest pounding, and displaced hubris. All the things that has gotten this country into debt, worldwide suspicion, and unchecked ‘Checks & Balances’ as promised in the U.S. Constitution. So I’ll be damned if I’ll watch (or listen) to ANY media outlet that merely parrots Right wing lunacy and hatred! Because quit frankly, and as an American … I’m embarrassed that ‘My Country’ quakes in her boots whenever some fanatic ‘goes off’ (or tries to). I get EXTREMELY EMBARRASSED when ‘My Country’ acts like a frightened gaggle of grade school children when the mere’ Shadow of a Terrorist’ steps from the darkness.


As a child, I Believed in the phrase that ends the ‘Star Bangled Banner’  : ” …. and the Home of the Brave!” In fact, right after 911 I wrote: “OK, America. We got our nose bloody today. So get up off our knees and ‘Stand Tall’ tomorrow!”

I wrote that the night of 911!! Yet NOW I see the Main Stream Media acting like frightened little children: and it makes me sick! And it makes me even sicker to watch CNN, MSNBC, and the National Mainstream News Outlets follow the tone of a bunch of COWARDS, INBECILES, RACISTS, and damn near TRAITORS ~ Republicans & Conservatives I’m referring to ~ when in fact these kats (Republicans) have no POWER (ZERO, NADA) nor do they possess any constructive Ideas worth a damn.

The hell with the Media, both Main and Imbecile!!

This is like Sarah Palin’s BOOK making the New York Times ‘Best Seller’ List … when the vast number of people that bought her BOOK are  people that don’t (or can’t) READ!!


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