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Posted by scorpiomkm on January 4, 2010

I’ve enjoyed Politics since the heady days of John F. Kennedy. Even as a child, I understood the ‘Game of Politics’ to be the ‘Game of Power’. One side WINS Elections and gets all the perks associated with winning; while the LOSING side gets the ‘doenut hole’ and hopes the ‘Party in Power’ slips in popularity either through self-inflicted wounds or attacks launched by the ‘Loyal Opposition’. But lately, the ‘Game of Politics’ has taken on a rather ugly and hateful nature whereby the President of the United States not only is viciously attacked DAILY by the ‘Disloyal Opposition’ …. but this negativity, in part, serves to hinder the United States from succeeding in the areas that need immediate attention.

If any of you have been following the News this past year, no doubt you are aware that what President Obama has done, or put into motion, has been simply breathtaking! From Health Care to Economic Stability, President Obama has LED the Charge, yet it appears Obama’s ‘Favoribility Numbers’ are tumbling.


But not really.

This is, after all: America. Why do I say that.

You see, being an African-American conditions you to view ‘LIFE IN AMERICA’ somewhat dissimilar from our White Brothers & Sisters. As a child I didn’t quite ‘get it’ why Black kids needed the Alabama National Guard to escort them to school, or why Black kids were blown up when their CHURCH was fire bombed. Just as I didn’t ‘get it’ when my father escorted me into a little drugstore in Kentucky and grabbed me from drinking at a WHITE ONLY water fountain.

I could list hundreds of examples, JUST IN MY LIFE, of the myriad of indignities and hatred shown me and ‘Kind’; all Lessons one learns while growing up BLACK in America. But nevertheless one has Hope that one day ‘things will change’. Yet with this ‘hoped for’ change, will certainly come a massive RESISTANCE to said ‘Change’. Sometimes this resistance is subtle, sometimes overt … but always hurtful, dangerous, ugly and deadly.

So as I watched the 2008 Presidential Election, I KNEW that the RESISTANCE against Obama would come ~ and it did. Obama was ‘too uppiddy’ or too much the celebrity. Obama, according to some Whites, was too Socialist or too Militant, or too inexperienced to be President. Hell, even Michelle was too ‘ANGRY’ to be a ‘First Lady’!

Yep! The ‘Old Guard’ of White Supremacy (Right wingers, Christian Evangelicals, Republicans) dropped their painted masks  of being just ‘Concerned Americans’ after Obama was Elected President, and launched the most vicious attacks on any President I have ever witnessed. Now the opposition to Obama was a WAR ~ a ‘Racial Holy War’ ~ to win back America for the ‘White Race’ (ain’t that bitch <g>). And make no mistake about it: Right -wingers, Conservatives, Republicans, whites of low-income and even lower Education view the Obama Presidency as a WAR against their ‘Way of Life’! The WHITE way of life.

Change is often slow in America.

Why do you think that National Security rules the airwaves since Christmas, hum? Was it because that firecracker-underwearing Nigerian was that unique; or was it because the HATERS couldn’t derail Obama’s Health Care Plan and thus NOW  focused attention to this so-called weakness. And oh, yeah: “Obama has FAILED (?) to secure JOBS in America!” (say the HATERS); or “Obama should have come home when the security of the nation was at risk!” (say them); or “Obama accomplished NOTHING at Copenhagen!”

Change is often very slow in America.

Republicans, Right -wingers, Conservatives, and Blue Dog Democrats could save their breath in their DAILY CRITICISM of President Obama by simply saying:

“We HATE Niggas!”

They might as well say it: because believe me, to African-Americans and many of Rush Limbaugh’s audience …. that’s precisely what all this Right -wing, Conservative NEGATIVE ‘coded’ rhetoric means.


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