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“For ANYTHING to be TRUE …”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 15, 2010

In order for ANYTHING to be TRUE … it MUST have its opposite.” There is  no Light, unless there is also Darkness; no Soft, unless there exists Hard. There is  no Love, unless there exists Hatred as well. In THIS World, for ANYTHING to be considered TRUE … it MUST have its Opposite.

I was thinking about this when recently I looked upon a rare dusting of snow on a local mountain range ~ Mt. Diablo. I thought to myself ~ as this is winter, where you have LONG evenings of Darkness, still with the snow combined with a  High Full Moon: the dark winter nights become transformed into brilliant vistas of Light and Brightness. After all, SNOW is highly reflective (80% Reflective). This is the inscrutable Law!

In order for ANYTHING to be TRUE …. by Law, it MUST have its Opposite!

Life & Death. Beauty & Ugliness. Heroism & Cowardliness. Hope & Dispar. Paradise & Hell. All the aforementioned we’ve been witness to with the events in Haiti, haven’t we. And this is why when we see, or experience, such seemingly tragedy … the event in itself is a ‘Learning Moment’ for us all. For example, when we watch People endure such suffering … does this Human Compassion NATURALLY invoke a feeling of “What can I do?” deep within our own soul. Or when we see pictures of  Haitian women deep in bitter anguish over discovering their children crushed to a bitter death under tons of concrete ~ do these images move us beyond the obligatory “Isn’t that too bad”,  to a more meaningful place of, “What can I do to help reduce such suffering and pain?” Then too: “Since such tragedy is a Natural Part of LIFE & Living …. isn’t it my personal RESPONSIBILITY to aid my fellow Human Beings during TIMES like this?”

Oh, there will be those that either ignore or turn their backs to this. “The Haitian Government is corrupt!” some will say. Or, “After all, these are poor Black People … so why bother!” others will excuse. Still others will fall back on, “These black people made a ‘Deal with the Devil’ when they revolted against their French masters … so they DESERVE it!”

DESERVE it, Reverend Robertson?

As the Christian Bible states (and I paraphrase): “The rain falls on both the Good and Evil. Both Righteous and Sinner.” But instead I view all this as simply “For anything to be TRUE … it MUST have its Opposite.”

When I visited New Zealand some years back, my first trip was to see New Zealand’s ‘Southern Alps’. For it was here where Peter Jackson filmed this beautiful and magnificent Mountain Range in his trilogy of Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and Middle Earth’s mighty “Misty Mountains”. I cried when my eyes first saw this Mountain Range, and I actually saw it NOT as New Zealand’s ‘Sounthern Alps’ … but as the magnificent ‘Misty Mountains’ of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth! And I thought to myself as I stood in AWE before this magnificence:

“Look at this majestic mountain range; its Power and Beauty beyond human description. Yet, deep within lies a Dark Power beyond even the power of Gandalf the Wizard.

“The Balrog.”

See, folks. I went to New Zealand all because of  “The Lord of the Rings”!   : )

Such magnificence and awe-inspiring beauty are the ‘Southern Alps’, yet TO ME … I stood before Tolkien’s mighty ‘Misty Mountains’ where deep within resided pure Hatred, Fury,  and Ugliness in the form of the Balrog.

For anything to be TRUE ………..”

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