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The Return of WILLARD

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 16, 2010

I’m INNOCENT! I didn’t know Minny Mouse niece was underage when I boinked her! (TEE-HEE)


I’ve been away for awhile. Kinda detained in the slammer for …. well …. activating my MoJo. (TEE-HEE)

But I see that Scorpeezi STILL has this site from that raggedy kingdom of Flea City (TEE-HEE) he calls Home, apparently thinking that these dead-beat readers give a damn!  (TEE-HEE)

Hey, Scamio (TEE-HEE)! Let me give ya some advise: If people really gave a rat’s ass ~ excuse the pun (TEE-HEE) what you throw up here … then you’d get more feedback than what I see at the present. Hell, I get more comments than you do: and I don’t even write nothin’!! (TEE-HEE)

You’re a real piece of work, Brotha!  (TEE-HEE)

Mad as hell because White Folk dare criticize your boy, Chez Obama!  (TEE-HEE)

You’re mad as hell that your other boy, Playa Woods (TEE-HEE), gets more pussy than you!  (TEE-HEE)

Don’t go POSTAL, Scampi!  (TEE-HEE)

Look at me! I thought everyone would LOVE rats when Mickey made it BIG, didn’t I? Yet they STILL exterminate us rats and even have the nerve to throw us in jail! So don’t think that just because Fidel Obama (TEE-HEE)  or Cheeta Woods (TEE-HEE) were once the darlings of White Folk (TEE-HEE)  …. that this ‘Fall From Grace’ can’t happen to you too! Wait: White Folk don’t even know who you are, Scalpio!  (TEE-HEE)

You seen that PUNK, Noah Jay!  (TEE-HEE) Has he come out of the closet yet!  (TEE-HEE)

Tiger ‘Cheeta’ Woods.  (TEE-HEE)

One thing we learned for sure about that kat: he’s truly half Black/half asian. The Cadillac is his ‘Black Side’; the fact he crashed into a tree shows the asian in him! (TEE-HEE)

Got to run, Scorpeezi! Garbage Distribution time!  (TEE-HEE)


“The World’s Most Famous Rat”


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