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The United States of Corporate America

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 21, 2010

Within the past 48 hours, I’ve been shaken to the core. The first shock was when I heard ‘Whatever Brown’ had  WON Ted Kennedy’s seat from the once proud state of Massachusetts, thus basically KILLING any chance of meaningful Health Care Reform ~ a state BTW that LOVES their own Universal Health Care. Then other ‘after shocks’ hit when I learned TODAY that “Air America” went bankrupt. But worst of all was when a 9.0 tremor hit my senses that TODAY  The Supreme Court gave CORPORATIONS the green light to FUND political candidates in whatever amount they (corporations) think necessary!

WELCOME TO ‘THE UNITED STATES of CORPORATE AMERICA, because from now on it’s not “The People” who will decide who sits in State Legislatures … or City Councils … or the U.S. House or Senate … or occupies the White House: but Chevron, Google, AT&T, Power Companies etc.

So if you think politicians are whores now ~ ya ain’t seen nothing yet!!

Obama is merely spittin’ in the Corporate Wind when he wants to ‘take on’ Wall Street; just as he’s wasting his TIME tryin’ to help mostly poor, ignorant farmers who apparently want HIGH health insurance premiums (at best) and/or no health insurance coverage at all.

In what was once IGNORANT America, has now reduced itself into being mere zombies and slaves to Corporate whims and excesses because see … we have this bad habit of voting against our own Best Interests and for our Prejudices and Petty self interest. We’d rather support greedy Insurance Companies than our own Health and ability to pay for it! We’d rather support War Criminals, Greedy Corporations, a Party (Republican) that has proven they protect Big Business Interests and its many excesses ~ not to mention said Party appointing to the Supreme Court … nothing but Big Business Protectors and Civil Liberty destroyers!

One year ago this nation took a HUGE STEP FORWARD into the Twenty-first Century. TODAY, this country has taken a HUGE SLIDE BACKWARD ~ back toward the 1800s. So all you misguided Tea Baggers … you Birthers … you HATERS … you imbeciles:

give those multi- MILLIONAIRS Messrs Limbaugh & Hannity a big ‘slap on the back’, because you can now kiss your ass and America goodbye!!

You know, America! The same you kats claim Obamna has taken away from ya!!

You People LOVE prostitution, don’t ya!!


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