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Again .. the GREAT Phil Hendrie!!

Posted by scorpiomkm on March 16, 2010


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ZULUs, baby!!

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 21, 2010

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The ‘Other’ Homeland

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 21, 2010

When the country of my birth deeply disappoints me … my Mind always seems to drift back to the Birthplace of ‘All’  Mankind and where the birds of Eden sang.

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The United States of Corporate America

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 21, 2010

Within the past 48 hours, I’ve been shaken to the core. The first shock was when I heard ‘Whatever Brown’ had  WON Ted Kennedy’s seat from the once proud state of Massachusetts, thus basically KILLING any chance of meaningful Health Care Reform ~ a state BTW that LOVES their own Universal Health Care. Then other ‘after shocks’ hit when I learned TODAY that “Air America” went bankrupt. But worst of all was when a 9.0 tremor hit my senses that TODAY  The Supreme Court gave CORPORATIONS the green light to FUND political candidates in whatever amount they (corporations) think necessary!

WELCOME TO ‘THE UNITED STATES of CORPORATE AMERICA, because from now on it’s not “The People” who will decide who sits in State Legislatures … or City Councils … or the U.S. House or Senate … or occupies the White House: but Chevron, Google, AT&T, Power Companies etc.

So if you think politicians are whores now ~ ya ain’t seen nothing yet!!

Obama is merely spittin’ in the Corporate Wind when he wants to ‘take on’ Wall Street; just as he’s wasting his TIME tryin’ to help mostly poor, ignorant farmers who apparently want HIGH health insurance premiums (at best) and/or no health insurance coverage at all.

In what was once IGNORANT America, has now reduced itself into being mere zombies and slaves to Corporate whims and excesses because see … we have this bad habit of voting against our own Best Interests and for our Prejudices and Petty self interest. We’d rather support greedy Insurance Companies than our own Health and ability to pay for it! We’d rather support War Criminals, Greedy Corporations, a Party (Republican) that has proven they protect Big Business Interests and its many excesses ~ not to mention said Party appointing to the Supreme Court … nothing but Big Business Protectors and Civil Liberty destroyers!

One year ago this nation took a HUGE STEP FORWARD into the Twenty-first Century. TODAY, this country has taken a HUGE SLIDE BACKWARD ~ back toward the 1800s. So all you misguided Tea Baggers … you Birthers … you HATERS … you imbeciles:

give those multi- MILLIONAIRS Messrs Limbaugh & Hannity a big ‘slap on the back’, because you can now kiss your ass and America goodbye!!

You know, America! The same you kats claim Obamna has taken away from ya!!

You People LOVE prostitution, don’t ya!!

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The Felicity Daily Herald

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 16, 2010

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The Return of WILLARD

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 16, 2010

I’m INNOCENT! I didn’t know Minny Mouse niece was underage when I boinked her! (TEE-HEE)


I’ve been away for awhile. Kinda detained in the slammer for …. well …. activating my MoJo. (TEE-HEE)

But I see that Scorpeezi STILL has this site from that raggedy kingdom of Flea City (TEE-HEE) he calls Home, apparently thinking that these dead-beat readers give a damn!  (TEE-HEE)

Hey, Scamio (TEE-HEE)! Let me give ya some advise: If people really gave a rat’s ass ~ excuse the pun (TEE-HEE) what you throw up here … then you’d get more feedback than what I see at the present. Hell, I get more comments than you do: and I don’t even write nothin’!! (TEE-HEE)

You’re a real piece of work, Brotha!  (TEE-HEE)

Mad as hell because White Folk dare criticize your boy, Chez Obama!  (TEE-HEE)

You’re mad as hell that your other boy, Playa Woods (TEE-HEE), gets more pussy than you!  (TEE-HEE)

Don’t go POSTAL, Scampi!  (TEE-HEE)

Look at me! I thought everyone would LOVE rats when Mickey made it BIG, didn’t I? Yet they STILL exterminate us rats and even have the nerve to throw us in jail! So don’t think that just because Fidel Obama (TEE-HEE)  or Cheeta Woods (TEE-HEE) were once the darlings of White Folk (TEE-HEE)  …. that this ‘Fall From Grace’ can’t happen to you too! Wait: White Folk don’t even know who you are, Scalpio!  (TEE-HEE)

You seen that PUNK, Noah Jay!  (TEE-HEE) Has he come out of the closet yet!  (TEE-HEE)

Tiger ‘Cheeta’ Woods.  (TEE-HEE)

One thing we learned for sure about that kat: he’s truly half Black/half asian. The Cadillac is his ‘Black Side’; the fact he crashed into a tree shows the asian in him! (TEE-HEE)

Got to run, Scorpeezi! Garbage Distribution time!  (TEE-HEE)


“The World’s Most Famous Rat”

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Niqabs & Burqas: The Garb of Terrorists?

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 16, 2010

The Felicity Daily Herald

France moves closer to banning full Muslim veilAP

LA VERRIERE, France – The man she married is French, her four children were born in France and she speaks French with only a trace of her native Arabic tongue. Faiza Silmi contends her clothes — a head-to-toe robe and filmy tissue covering her face — are the reason France has denied her citizenship in her adopted land.

The 32-year-old Moroccan may soon be facing an even fiercer blow. A top French lawmaker submitted a draft law this week that would ban such Islamic dress anywhere in public, a measure that would set a European precedent and trap thousands of women between their religious convictions and the law of the land.

“They say I’m too attached to my religion,” Silmi told The Associated Press at an empty restaurant near her home southwest of Paris, her large eyes peering from a slit in her veil. “Lots of Christians live in Morocco and we don’t make them wear scarves.”

Unlike Muslim headscarves, full-body, face-covering robes are a rare sight in the streets of France, home to an estimated 5 million Muslims, the largest such population in western Europe. France’s main Muslim leaders have declared that Islam does not require women to cover their faces with niqabs or burqas.

In a country whose national emblem is Marianne, a bare-chested woman, there is deepening concern over the all-encompassing garb, often black or brown and worn with gloves, attire typical in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. Here, it is widely viewed as a gateway to radical Islam, an attack on gender equality and other French values, and a gnawing away at the nation’s secular foundation.

President Nicolas Sarkozy opened the door to a possible ban in June, telling a parliament session in Versailles that such dress “is not welcome” in France. A parliamentary panel set to work in July on a six-month mission gathering information on the garments.

On Tuesday, the head of Sarkozy’s conservative UMP party in parliament’s lower house, Jean-Francois Cope, jumped the gun before the panel’s report was finished, and filed draft legislation on a ban. “No one may, in spaces open to the public and on public streets, wear a garment or an accessory that has the effect of hiding the face,” the draft text reads.

The document cites public security concerns, thus includes all face-covering clothes, in a bid to head off challenges from those who might claim such a law would violate constitutional rules on individual rights — a major concern along with how such a law would be enforced. It foresees fines for those who break the law.

The initiative, unlikely to go to debate before spring, would be the second time France targets Muslim dress. A 2004 law born in acrimony bans Muslim headscarves and other “ostentatious” religious symbols in the classrooms of French public schools. Sarkozy’s party dominates parliament and the president reiterated Wednesday his wish for a law on full veils, though it’s too early to say whether it will pass.

Europe’s growing Muslim population has bred tension across the continent. Wariness is pervasive since deadly attacks in Madrid in 2004 and in London in 2005 by Islamic radicals living in Europe. And some non-Muslims sense a threat by a foreign culture to their way of life. It took only four minarets on Switzerland’s 200 mosques to push the Swiss to vote “no” to minarets in a November referendum.

However, France, which wants an Islam tailored to the West, would be the only western European country to target the all-enveloping robes and niqabs, the cloth hiding the lower face. “We’re going to become the laughing stock of democracies” should France ban the clothing, said Raphael Liogier, a sociology professor who runs the Observatory of the Religious in Aix-en-Provence.

He is among critics who say a ban would be a violation of basic rights and “transgression of the fundamental principles of our republic.”

Muslim leaders of all tendencies have warned that a ban risks stigmatizing all Muslims, and anti-terrorism judge Marc Trevidic told Sunday’s Journal du Dimanche that a ban “will maybe push impulsive people to want to commit attacks.”

However, Andre Gerin, who heads the parliamentary panel, says the full-body veil is an “attempt to instrumentalize Islam for political ends” via a “fundamentalist and barbaric ideology” that oppresses women.

Gerin, a communist who served for years as mayor of Venissieux, a suburb of Lyon known as a haunt for Muslim fundamentalists, insists the phenomenon is growing.

But at Friday prayers recently at a mosque northwest of Paris in Argenteuil, considered a bastion for Salafists who adopt a literal reading of the Quran, only a handful of fully veiled women were seen. Some expressed fear of a ban.

“We won’t be able to leave the house,” said Oumeima Naceri, a 19-year-old convert draped in black garments, including a filmy “sitar” veil covering even her eyes. “That frightens us enormously … It’s like asking us to go naked.”


Muslims just can’t catch a break. Not even in France.

Are you people aware that: Islam in the ONLY major religion that ACCEPTS the Prophets of ‘ALL’ major sects ~ including some religions that are not so recognized as ‘major’.

Are you folks aware that …. Islam, HISTORICALLY, is the only Major Religion based upon monotheism (Christianity holds to a ‘Holy Trinity’, while Judaism often worshipped idols).

And are you folks aware that …. the ‘Holy Quran’ is primarily not only a ‘Holy Book’ revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel, but also an historical document that tells the story of the rise of Islam from Islam’s major enemies: Christians and Jews. And it is to the latter aspect that many, many myths and outright LIES arise from ‘those that don’t know’ yet speak as if they are authorities on the Religion of Islam.

Historically, Islam was under great attack by both the Jews and Christians! Yet contrary to ‘popular belief’, Islam NEVER forced their religion upon  ‘others’ at the point of a sword. NEVER!! Too, historically Islam advanced Jihad on Muslims to 1) purge themselves against evil or 2) DEFEND THEMSELVES against attacks by ‘others’. And I could go on-and-on about the Fundamentals of Islam that are at great variance to that espoused by ‘those that don’t read or take the TIME to Study this Great Religion.

Hell. The very name Islam means Peace.

When one looks at the length and breath of History, ‘ALL’ major religions (and their sects) participated in heinous and despicable acts against all of Humanity. The Crusades and Christianity’s active participation in the Slave Trade are examples of TERRORISM. READ the Old Testament if you wish to see ‘Jewish Terrorism Gone Wild’! Yet somehow the Western World wants to paint a broad stroke of ‘Terrorism’ on a religion ~ Islam ~ borne of Peace yet TODAY stained with the label as a ‘Terrorist Organization and Religion”.

Today, there is something to be feared when Muslim women wear their Traditional Islamic garb. Just as TODAY we hold in suspicion anybody that speaks Arabic …. or quotes from the Holy Quran …. or says Prayers 5 times a day …. or kneels and bows toward Mecca … or fasts during Ramadan …. etc., etc., etc.

We in the West find it more convenient, easy, and in line with our Prejudices to simply wish to BLAME an entire Religion on the random criminal ‘ACTS’ of a few …. THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BE OF THE ISLAMIC FAITH! To me this is quite queer, when one considers that INDIVIDUALS,  Groups or Sects of so-called Christians or Jews do not have their religious affiliations transferred upon the ‘ACT’ itself! Isn’t that strange to you?

This is the Twenty-first Century, Folks! When will we ‘Grow Up’ and seek an ‘Understanding’ of the World based upon our own Study and Research, rather than relying on what ‘others’ say or feel: even if what you hear from ‘others’ match your preconceived prejudices. Because a big part of Growth is ‘unlearning’  a LOT of garbage taught in our Youth.

Niqabs and Burqas.

Give me a frickin’ break!!

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Beacons of Gondor

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 15, 2010

From the film “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”, you see perhaps the most beautiful segment that Highlights both New Zealand’s Southern Alps, as well as Tolkien’s Mountain Range of Gondor.

Click the ‘Go To YouTube’ on the video and ‘check it out’!


What you’ll see are the hobbits ~ Merry & Pippin ~ light the Warning Beacons of Gondor; alerting the Kingdom to danger or attack from Sauron and Barad Dur.

Why I visited New Zealand, Folks!   : )

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“For ANYTHING to be TRUE …”

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 15, 2010

In order for ANYTHING to be TRUE … it MUST have its opposite.” There is  no Light, unless there is also Darkness; no Soft, unless there exists Hard. There is  no Love, unless there exists Hatred as well. In THIS World, for ANYTHING to be considered TRUE … it MUST have its Opposite.

I was thinking about this when recently I looked upon a rare dusting of snow on a local mountain range ~ Mt. Diablo. I thought to myself ~ as this is winter, where you have LONG evenings of Darkness, still with the snow combined with a  High Full Moon: the dark winter nights become transformed into brilliant vistas of Light and Brightness. After all, SNOW is highly reflective (80% Reflective). This is the inscrutable Law!

In order for ANYTHING to be TRUE …. by Law, it MUST have its Opposite!

Life & Death. Beauty & Ugliness. Heroism & Cowardliness. Hope & Dispar. Paradise & Hell. All the aforementioned we’ve been witness to with the events in Haiti, haven’t we. And this is why when we see, or experience, such seemingly tragedy … the event in itself is a ‘Learning Moment’ for us all. For example, when we watch People endure such suffering … does this Human Compassion NATURALLY invoke a feeling of “What can I do?” deep within our own soul. Or when we see pictures of  Haitian women deep in bitter anguish over discovering their children crushed to a bitter death under tons of concrete ~ do these images move us beyond the obligatory “Isn’t that too bad”,  to a more meaningful place of, “What can I do to help reduce such suffering and pain?” Then too: “Since such tragedy is a Natural Part of LIFE & Living …. isn’t it my personal RESPONSIBILITY to aid my fellow Human Beings during TIMES like this?”

Oh, there will be those that either ignore or turn their backs to this. “The Haitian Government is corrupt!” some will say. Or, “After all, these are poor Black People … so why bother!” others will excuse. Still others will fall back on, “These black people made a ‘Deal with the Devil’ when they revolted against their French masters … so they DESERVE it!”

DESERVE it, Reverend Robertson?

As the Christian Bible states (and I paraphrase): “The rain falls on both the Good and Evil. Both Righteous and Sinner.” But instead I view all this as simply “For anything to be TRUE … it MUST have its Opposite.”

When I visited New Zealand some years back, my first trip was to see New Zealand’s ‘Southern Alps’. For it was here where Peter Jackson filmed this beautiful and magnificent Mountain Range in his trilogy of Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and Middle Earth’s mighty “Misty Mountains”. I cried when my eyes first saw this Mountain Range, and I actually saw it NOT as New Zealand’s ‘Sounthern Alps’ … but as the magnificent ‘Misty Mountains’ of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth! And I thought to myself as I stood in AWE before this magnificence:

“Look at this majestic mountain range; its Power and Beauty beyond human description. Yet, deep within lies a Dark Power beyond even the power of Gandalf the Wizard.

“The Balrog.”

See, folks. I went to New Zealand all because of  “The Lord of the Rings”!   : )

Such magnificence and awe-inspiring beauty are the ‘Southern Alps’, yet TO ME … I stood before Tolkien’s mighty ‘Misty Mountains’ where deep within resided pure Hatred, Fury,  and Ugliness in the form of the Balrog.

For anything to be TRUE ………..”

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‘Pants on the Ground’

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 15, 2010

I’m a Brother <g>, and I have NEVER understood why my Young Brothers wear their ‘Pants on the Ground’!


Well, anyway <g>. An “American Idol’ Contestant ~ and former Civil Rights soldier ~ did this ‘rap’ before Simon & Company; and apparently its an internet HIT!!

Frickin’ ‘Pants On The Ground’, my Black Ass.    : )

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