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The MADNESS Continues

Posted by scorpiomkm on January 3, 2009

Smoke rises during an Israeli air strike on the northern Gaza ...



The latest intrusion by Israel into Gaza is sheer INSANITY! Think about it: how long will the world listen to Israel AGAIN bitch and moan about how the Palestinians are the perpetrators in every incursion Israel takes into Palestinian Land?


How much longer, will the world (and chiefly the U.S.) believe wholeheartedly in Israel’s side of the Story … while demeaning, vilifying, and humiliating  the position of Palestinians?

It astounds me, it truly does, how the United States CONSTANTLY sides with Israel during each-and-every Confrontation; while shamelessly’ The Israealis’ plunder, invade, and KILL thousands of Innocent Palestinians with impunity; all because the United States has HISTORICALLY and Blindly carried Isreal’s water and ‘Cause’ since Isreal’s very inception … and is Reason #1 why America is bound to the conflict as close as a Mother to her child.

And also why we’re HATED around the World!!

It amazes me how Americans so easily side with Israel each-and-every time! It does. And what further amazes me is …. you have so-called Intelligent Americans, that don’t know squat about the Palestinian People or their Grievances, so willingly stand ready to ‘side’ with Israel and think that Military Incursions and atrocities are JUSTIFIED in the name of ‘Israeli Peace’ and Security!

Look. If Military incursions into Palestine were the Answer ~ this Conflict would have ended decades ago! But it hasn’t, and won’t!

I’ve long since stopped wrestling with the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ as to the causes of the constant Conflicts between Israel and Palestinian. Stopped because as long as the United States is ‘stuck on dumb’ and refuses to be an Honest Broker in any Peace Process …. we’ll see this SLAUGHTER happen again-and again – and again.

And for those of you that think my Views on Israel to be somehow Antisemitic: the hell with you too!

I’m sick of this MADNESS!


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